About Us

The team behind Cirkit.

Jason Ruane

Everything Engineer
Coming from a microchip engineering background, Jason spent a few years as a purely web-focused developer before turning his attention back to the physical world.

  • Hardware 75%
  • Web Programming 90%
  • Pun-based humour 100%

Jonathan Ruane

Business Brain
After years in the corporate world, Jonathan left to use his skills for greater things. With a few businesses under his belt, Jonathan comes to this project with a wealth of experience.

  • Business Development 85%
  • Marketing 80%
  • Schmoozing 100%

Rory O’Keeffe

Chief Redhead Engineer
Is he an engineer of redheads? Or a redheaded engineer? All we can say for certain is that as an Irish company it was a legal requirement to have a redhead on the books…

  • Web Development 80%
  • Writing 70%
  • Redheadedness 100%

Recent Blog Posts

From our minds to your eyeballs.

A Crate package for Node-RED

Following on from my recently-created Orchestrate module for Node-RED, I’ve now created a similar set of nodes for another cool new kid on the databases block – Crate. As it has been brought to our attention that we haven’t done a great job of...

A proper Orchestrate module for Node-RED

Hello again! As an update to my last post about how to pipe data through a Node-RED flow and out to Orchestrate, I decided to go whole hog and produce a proper Node-RED (and NPM) module for the task. There are two nodes, one for putting information in, and one for...

Send data to Orchestrate from Node-RED

In this article I’m going to show how you can get your Node-RED flows talking to your Orchestrate database. For novices to Node-RED and using it to consume web APIs, you can also view this as a model for that kind of work in future. First, allow me to introduce...

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